Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly

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Pairing: Andrea Sachs/Miranda Priestly
Alternative name(s): MirAndy
Gender category: Femslash, f/f
Fandom: The Devil Wears Prada
Canonical?: none canon
Prevalence: popular
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Andy/Miranda is a popular femslash pairing in The Devil Wears Prada fandom.


The movie centers around Andrea 'Andy' Sachs who moves to New York City with her boyfriend to peruse her dream of becoming a journalist. Instead, she ends up working for Miranda Priestly, the Devil herself, Queen of the fashion industry, and Editor of the fashion magazine, Runway. Andy is hired as Miranda's slave, personal assistant. Eventually, despite her initial idealism, she gets sucked into the fashion world and turns into bit of a clacker (1. noun. a high fashion, sophisticated girl, always wearing the new Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent. Someone who knows the difference between the colors black and onyx). Andy starts to put her job, and the needs of Mrs. Miranda Priestly ahead the needs of her family, friends, and her boyfriend, Nate.[1]


The Livejournal for the Devil Wears Prada community opened mid-2006, but fanfiction in the journal did not start appearing until sometime in 2007. There were two main locations where DWP stories were published in the first years of the fandom: the DWP livejournal and Ralst's Passion & Perfection website, expanding to in 2008. Between 2007 and 2020, more than 4300 stories were published with Andy and Miranda as the central couple. Nearly 2200 of those stories are archived (either originally published or as transfers) on the AO3 site.

While relatively small, the fandom is still very active - even more than 14 years since the movie was first released. It has been noted that the popularity of other femslash pairings, such as Emma Swan and Regina Mills for Once Upon a Time, brought a new influx of fans who became interested in the pairing.

The severe divisions and homophobia in the Once Upon A Time Fandom has actually led to a strange influx of fangirls into DWP. They’re kind of shell shocked from the vitriol and bullying in OUAT against Swan Queen. Many are looking for a fandom with good writing and a calm and supportive atmosphere and have turned up in DWP. In its infancy, several of the best DWP writers started to write in the Swan Queen fandom and many of their fans are following them backwards into their previous fandoms to find good work.[2]

In recent years there was been some crossover in fandom between the TV series of Supergirl, specifically the popular femslash pairing of Kara Danvers/Cat Grant. Kara/Cat has been noted for it's similarity to Andy/Miranda as it too features an older woman, Cat Grant, who is the head of her company that goes on to employ a younger personal assistant, Kara Danvers, to aid in her daily business.

Fan works


In 2017, Ylva Publishing announced it would be publishing 3 of Telanu's stories, The Lily and The Crown, The X Ingredient, and Truth and Measure, that were originally popular Andy/Miranda fics.[3] The Lily and the Crown was released in December 2017, followed by The X Ingredient in September 2019. Truth and Measure (which will be split into 2 parts) remains forthcoming.


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