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Name: Anders
Occupation: Healer, Revolutionary
Relationships: Varies
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Dragon Age II
Other: Anders at the Dragon Age Wiki
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Anders is a character in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and Dragon Age II. In Awakening, he can be made a Grey Warden and become one of the Warden-Commander's companions. In Dragon Age II, Anders—having merged with a Fade spirit he met during Awakening—is a changed man. He is a passionate advocate for mage rights, and becomes a force of vengeance when confronted with the brutality and injustice his fellow mages face. Anders is one of four possible love interests for a male and female Hawke. Some people suggest that Anders, even if not courted by Hawke, still shows signs of being in love with him/her.


In Awakening based fanworks, Anders is frequently paired with Nathaniel Howe ("Nanders").

In DAII fandom, Anders is a controversial character. He is very popular on the Dragon Age Kink Meme, where he is frequently paired with Hawke (both male and female) and Fenris ("Fenders"). Some people despise Anders,[1] finding him whiny and too far removed from his Awakening characterization. His actions in the third act of DAII are a source of heated discussion. As the forums on the Dragon Age Wiki ask, is Anders a Righteous Rebel or Insane Terrorist?


In DA:O-A, some of Anders' dialog reveals his attraction to women; in DA2, he can be courted by both male and female Hawke. In an early quest Hawke meets one of Anders' male ex-lovers, although the nature of their relationship is only revealed to a male Hawke. A portion of the games' fans (ref?) saw his bisexuality as a divergence from his original character. Anders expresses an attraction to Hawke early on, and the option to reject his attention is aggressive and gains rivalry points. Because of this, some players complain that Anders is constantly hitting on their Hawke.

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