Anata no Tame no Otogibanashi

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Title: Anata no Tame no Otogibanashi
A Fairy-Tale For You
Circle: MemoryOfTree
Doujinka: Fujimura Mio (藤村美緒) 
cover by Hasuki (はすき)
Fandom: Naruto
Date/s: 2009.08
Type: novel
Size: A5, 24 pages
Language: Japanese
External Links: Memory of Tree
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Anata no Tame no Otogibanashi (あなたのためのお伽話, A Fairy-Tale For You) is a Naruto doujinshi by MemoryOfTree. It's an Itachi x Sasuke novel rated R-18.

It's a continuation of the story Itachi to Neko (イタチと猫, Itachi and the Cat) which is on the writer's website. It was released at Summer Comiket.