An Exultation of Holmesiana

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Title: An Exultation of Holmesiana
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 2015
Medium: print, download, CD
Size: digest-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, Ritchieverse
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by Nodbear

Exultation of Holmesiana is a Holmes/Watson Ritchieverse slash 172-page fiction anthology. The cover is by Bast, the interior art by Nodbear.

  • Death is Just a Heartbeat Away by amaraal (Summary: The cold steel at my scalp made me tremble both with anger and regret. Would this be my end?)
  • Unavoidable Consequences by Ingrid (Summary: I was beginning to see what was ailing my normally level-headed brother.)
  • A Doctor's Skills by amaraal (Summary: We agreed that Holmes was the most sensitive patient when in distress.)
  • Five Times Holmes or Watson Fell in the Thames and One Time (They Didn't by Nodbear and L.A. Adolf (Summary: "Do you think we have offended Poseidon?" Holmes murmured.)
  • Bleeding Hearts by amaraal (Summary: Where once his heart had been was nothing.)
  • Nine Lives by Nodbear (Summary: The tiny creature looked at the box rim and then at Holmes's hands and leapt accurately into the slightly startled detective's grasp.)
  • At the Royale by amaraal (Summary: They dived into the genteel atmosphere of their favourite dining place.)
  • The Joy of Snow by Nodbear and L.A. Adolf (Summary: snowy shenanigans at 221B Baker Street)
  • The Other Side of Fear by Ingrid (Summary: I'm not sure why that moment was the one where we decided to throw all caution and misgivings to the wind after so many years.)