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Gift Exchange
Name: Alternate Universe Exchange
Abbreviation: AUex
Date(s): 2017 – present
Runs: June – September
Moderator(s): thedevilchicken
Founder: Rosencrantz, Morbane, thedevilchicken
Type: fanfiction or fanart;
"OR" matching: fandom, medium, character/relationship, and AU freeform tags
Scope: Alternate Universes of all kinds including canon divergence
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: Dreamwidth community
AO3 parent collection
AU Exchange 2017 banner.JPG
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Alternate Universe Exchange is an annual multifandom AO3 exchange moderated by thedevilchicken where participants request and offer specific alternate universes. It was first held in 2017 and has been held every summer since. The exchange allows setting change AUs as well as what ifs, canon divergences, elseworlds and so on.[1] During the first round Rosencrantz and Morbane co-modded with thedevilchicken as a tagset mod, but thedevilchicken took the exchange over starting in the 2018 round. AU Ex was originally Rosencrantz's idea.[2]

Fans are welcome to create treats, whether they are signed up for the exchange or not. In the first round treats could only be posted to the collection up to the time of author reveals[3] but in subsequent rounds treats were allowed at any time.


The assignment in 2017 was to write a story of at least 1000 words, involving a requested fandom, ship and AU. Art was welcome as a treat.

In the 2017 exchange, 32 works were created in 29 fandoms.


The 2018 exchange added art as a possible medium for the assignments.

In the 2018 exchange, 126 works were created in 92 fandoms.


Participants in the 2019 exchange created 159 works in 100 fandoms, including 3 art works.


Participants in the 2020 exchange created 130 words in 92 fandoms, include 5 pieces of fanart.


The AU Exchange is expected to return in 2021, on a similar schedule.


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