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Synonyms: A How They Met story
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First Meeting fics involve characters meeting for the first time. This is a popular trope for characters who have yet to meet in their canon universe. It is also a common fic trope for characters who know each other, but whose first meeting is not portrayed in the source material.

An AU variation on this trope is the Alternate First Meeting. This is a fanfic trope where two characters meet under different circumstances than their first canon meeting. Often alternate first meetings are fics set in the canon universe of the source material and a different first meeting allows characters to have different first impressions of one another. This allows characters who may have clashed in canon, or had a purely professional relationship in canon, to see one another in a different light. This type of fic may be considered a sub-genre of canon-divergent works.

In other cases, different first meetings can result for an Alternative Universe setting.

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