Alter Series

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Title: Alter Series
Creator: hime1999, others
Date(s): 2004?-onward
Medium: Comics, fanfiction
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
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The Alter Series is an AU centering around Edward Elric meeting and befriending Masuta Ichiro, an alternate version of Roy Mustang, rather than Alfons Heiderich. The AU was first created by hime1999 and expanded by her and a number of other creators. A LiveJournal community centering around the AU received 183 posts and 3,999 comments between 2004 and 2012. House of Smex was a companion community for fanworks set within the AU that shipped Ed, Roy, Masuta, Riza and Al in an OT5.


Q: What the Gate is this?

A: This series started as a random bunny attack during one particular boring class. Because hime1999 is quite succeptible to bunny attacks, it is only natural that the drabble collection grows larger and larger. Sometimes, as the bunnies are very fierce creatures, other authors like mirimea, icedark_elf nad girl_starfish got maimed as well. It doesn't help that other friends like snicks_chan and niwakaame tend to throw treats for the bunnies, much to the chagrin of the authors.

Q: What is Alter!Series?

A: Alter!Series is a series of pic drabbles written following the ending of the anime series of Fullmetal Alchemist. Alter!Series consists of two parts and two dimensions. There are two parts of the series: (1) Edward Elric’s journey in the alter world (i.e. our world) to find his way back to his own world; (2) Masuta Ichiro's journey in alchemy world. The drabbles written here are only snippets from what happened during both journeys and quite random. It is up to the reader to decide which happened before what. They are only organized in order of the time they are written and which part they belong to. There are two dimensions of the story: (1) The canon timeline, which consists of drabbles that is considered canon to the timeline (the decision to canonize a drabble lies in hime1999's hand only and not arguable); (2) the non-canon timeline, which consists of drabbles. All of the canon drabbles are pic drabbles.