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You may be looking for Moonbase Alpha News Service, a zine published by Eagle 1, Moonbase Alpha International."

Title: Alpha News Service
Publisher: The Space:1999 Society
Date(s): September 1979-1980
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Space: 1999
Language: English
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Alpha News Service is a gen Space: 1999 newsletter published by The Space:1999 Society.

It is unknown how many issues there were in total, but the zine shut down when the club folded in 1980.

Some issues are scanned in here.

Alpha News Service Report

At least one bulletin was published. It was meant to provide late-breaking news and information for fans between the main issues of "Alpha News Service."

Issue 1

Alpha News Service v.1 n.1 was published in September 1979 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • news of who's been invited to the "1979 Space:1999 convention this fall in New York City"
  • The New Orleans Space:1999 Society fan club (headed by Matthew Butts) has announced its affiliation with this club
  • announcement about the fan club's new logo
  • bios for the club's Board of Directors, includes some photos
  • a quick note: "As of August, The Space:1999 Society has acquired the use of a TRS 80 II computer. The computer will be used to store and update membership lists and to print out address labels."
  • there are several openings for con go-fers: "Shifts are four hours in length and go-fers may sign up for up to three shifts. Go-fers will be invited to a special wrap party with the stars following the convention. Prospective go-fers are asked to submit a brief letter to the Society, including age and previous convention work, if any."
  • some news on professional merchandise
  • the show has been canceled in many cites "as 'movies' prepare to blast off"
  • announcement about the sci-fi movie "Meteor" starring Martin Landau
  • picking an official name and some con plans regarding The Space:1999 Convention:
    The 1979 Space: 1999 convention is expected to set two new precedents when it convenes in New York this November, line involves the establishment of a formal title for Space:1999 fandom. The Board of Directors, noting that Star Trek fans have their" own particular name ("Trekkies") have decided that 1999 fandom should have a title of its own. This would be particularly helpful in binding fandom together and giving it unity. At the convention this fall there will be balloting on what the official name for fandom will be. Several nominations will be extended by the Board, but write-in nominations will also be accepted at the convention. Balloting is expected to take place during the opening remarks, with announcement of the winning title to take place later at the costume party. Another event planned is the selection of the best episodes, actors and producers of Space: 1999. Tentatively titled "The Alpha Awards", the event will ask convention-goers to pick the best episode, actor, actress, guest actor, guest actress, writer and director of the series. No actual awards will be given, although the winners will, again, be announced at the costume party. The costume party is expected to have a distinctly disco/rock/SF theme. Music will be selected from Space: 1999, "Star Wars" (the Cantina Band piece), "Westworld", "Love at First Bite" and other films and TV shows.

Issue 2

front page of issue #2

Alpha News Service v.1 n.2 was published in December 1979 and contains 10 pages.

Issue 3

Alpha News Service v.1 n.3 was published in spring 1980 and contains 10 pages.

cover of issue #3
  • description and some excerpts from an interview with Martin Landau from T.V. Guide
  • a fan writes a LoC disagreeing with a previous fan letter that this fandom is "dead" and there is no chance to get some pro Fotonovels published
  • a flyer for The Space:1999 Convention, see that page
  • a LoC's subject: writing letters to local television stations asking about Space:1999 and after nine attempts, getting no answer at all
  • news about the letter campaign:
    The Space:1999 letter campaign has been joined by three other 1999 groups: Main Mission Alpha, Rising Star Alpha, and Alpha News Service (Melrose MA). An encouraging number of replies have been received from notices placed in two of those group's newsletters, and from an ad in Starlog #34. The campaign will be directed at both ITC Entertainment and local television station. Local stations make independent decisions regarding the purchase of shows like Space:1999 and are VERY important to the campaign.

Issue 4

Alpha News Service v.1 n.4 was published in summer 1980 and contains 10 pages.

  • it is a "convention issue," the final issue before Space:1999 Convention took place
  • there is a ballot for "The Alpha Awards"
  • there is a renewal form for club membership
  • "An Eagle's Flight to Moonbase Alpha" (poem) by Paul Fleming
  • an LoC lauding KTLA-TV, out of Los Angeles, CA for airing Space:1999 re-runs (the only CA channel at the time to do so)
  • an ad for A Time for Changes
  • lots of LoCs