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Title: AlleyWays
Publisher: Kirstie Alley Fan Alliance (out of NY)
Editor(s): Connie Loft
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print
Size: digest
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS (movies)
Language: English
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AlleyWays is a Star Trek newsletter with a focus on the actress Kirstie Alley.

There were two issues. The zine was discontinued due to disappointment from fans after Kirstie Alley had been replaced as Saavik by Robin Curtis.

V.1 N.1

AlleyWays v.1.n.1 was published in 1983 ("first quarter" which was the spring) and contains 38 pages.

Contributors: Ba Armata, Lila Cartledge, Gina L. Dartt, Bruce Moxley, Dawn Vanderbosch, Lisa Wahl, Judy Weinberg, and John Wilson.

cover of v.1 n.1
  • KIRSTIE'S CORNER, our honorary president speaks! (1)
  • FROM THE CONN, words from KAFA president Connie Lofton (2)
  • THE AMATEUR INKSLINGER, greetings from KAFA vp and editor Emily Miao (3)
  • TREKKIN' ALONG, Star Trek III production news (4)
  • SHE OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES, a look at Kirstie Alley the actress, includes an interview (5)
  • NEWS FROM THE (HOLLYWOOD) HILLS, update on Kirstie's activities (9)
  • TREK'S NEWEST STAR: LT. SAAVIK, biography of Lieutenant Saavik (10)
  • HIGHWAY HONEYS: A REVIEW, review of Kirstie's pilot film (13)
  • STAR TREK TOO: THE WRATH OF KHAN, Star Trek II in review (13)
  • SAAVIK: A QUESTION OF GROWTH, analysis of the Spock/Saavik relationship (11)
  • THE ONCE AND FUTURE... QUEEN?, part One—A fiction feature (18)
  • A "WEE BIT O TRIVIA" CONTEST, test your Trek II prowess and win a prize! (31)
  • ARTWORK, interpretations of Saavik (33)
  • OPEN CHANNELS, alliance news and special interest information (35)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Thanks so much for the copy of ALLEYWAYS. It is a terrific job—entertaining, informative and varied in layout and content. Everyone who helped put it together deserves a nice pat on the back, and I think Kirstie should be tremendously proud and honored! Your kind words about me were really sweet. But even more, I appreciate Emily's reference to STARLOG as "fandom's bible." By the way, I am in close and frequent touch with producer Harve Bennett and director Leonard Nimoy, and we will be keeping fans up-to-the-minute with ACCURATE data (not rumors) on the progress of STAR TREK III in the pages of "fandom's bible." Let me offer the STARLOG offices as a meeting place if Kirstie comes to town, and you need someplace for members of your alliance to get together with her. I'll even plug in some hot music 'cause I know first hand—that lady loves to boogie! [1]

What do I think about the newsletter? Hmmm. Be honest? No seriously, it was fine. Your graphics are very nice and "Spot" is always appreciated. Of course, I'm in this for Saavik and the stories/articles dealing with her so there wasn't too much in it for me. I was a little surprised that KAFA has an official charity (don't we get a vote?) and while I really don't give a damn what charity it is, I would have thought that it would be more international because of the membership than having one centered in New York. I mean, I got my own animals to worry about, why would I send money to look after mutts in New York or even in America for that matter. Also, I*m a 1ittle leary of an organization that keeps a dog with internal injuries alive for three weeks just to "love" it. Either it was in misery in which case they are unnecessarily cruel, or it was unconscious in which case the dog wouldn't care about the "love" sent its way. Get real . They should have put it down immediately. The letters were nice. Lots of egoboo there. I think you need another regular feature for the newsletter but I'll be damned if I know what it is what it should be. Reviews if Alley had done more. Or maybe this is where the 'plugs' for comics, fanzines, etc. should be. Or a con report detailed rather than in Connie's introduction.[2]

I think you and Connie both are doing a tremendous job with KAFA, and it's a club that we can all be proud to be in! I also want to tell you that I think that KAFA-PAC is a wonderful charity and is just perfect for the club! I'm not just saying this because I'm friends with Frances — I really do mean it very strongly. I feel it is an extremely important charity that deserves all the help and support it can possibly get and I'm glad KAFA is there to help support it.[3]

V.1 N.2

AlleyWays v.1.n.2 was published in 1983 ("second quarter" which was in the summer) and contains 38 pages.

cover of v.1 n.2
  • FROM THE CONN, words from KAFA president Connie Lofton (1)
  • ALLEY'S CAT IS THIS "CAT'S" MEOW, special reprint of Theater critic Dan Sullivan's review (4)
  • FROM KANSAS TO TENNESSEE, a look at Kirstie Alley in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (5)
  • THE AMATEUR INKSLINGER, greetings from KAFA VP and editor Emily Miao (Why this zine is late: it is about finding out that Kirstie Alley wasn't going to be Saavik anymore. "Was I right in being angry? I think so. A lot of Trekkers joined KAFA because of Saavik and I'm one of them. I never expected to see Saavik recasted; it was the worst thing that could possibly happen, next to Saavik's elimination from the script. I was also mad at Kirstie because I thought she lied to Connie and me. Didn't she say she wanted to do Saavik again? I knew she had contract problems with Paramount, but I thought it was minor. Then the bad news sprung (little did I know about Bennet's hand in this). Connie insisted on delaying the zine for a few more days to contact Kirstie so that we can get the full story. A 'few" days became six weeks, and word had out in fandom and in newspapers that Kirstie gave Saavik the boot and that Robin Curtis took over.... Well it's too late to do anything, now that filming started a month ago. All we can do is wish Robin good luck... In the meantime I plan to give Harve Bennett a piece of my mind about his disservice to Kirstie and fandom. Does anyone care to join me?") (9)
  • TREKKIN" ALONG, Star Trek III production news (10)
  • THE SAAVIK ADVENTURE IS JUST BEGINNING, an interview with Vonda N. Mclntyre conducted by Henry Gonzalez at Futurefest '83 (13)
  • SPOCK TO SAAVIK, a poem by Gloria Wagner (15)
  • RAZOR BLADE ALLEY: THE BLACK NARCISSUS, a premier of a special detective/comedy series (17)
  • THE ONCE AND FUTURE...QUEEN? Part 2: The conclusion of Gina L. Dartt'a short story (23)
  • A "WEE BIT 0' TRIVIA" CONTEST RESULTS, the answers to the contest and winner (33)
  • OPEN CHANNELS, Alliance news and commentary (35)


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