All the Mulders

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Title: All the Mulders
Author(s): Alloway
Date(s): Jan 25, 1997
Length: 4600+ words
Genre: het, post-col
Fandom: The X-Files
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All the Mulders is an X-Files story by Alloway. It is more science fiction influenced than most MSR fic.

It has a sequel called One of the Byers.

The title of the 2023 fic All the Dead Mulders by cecily_sass was inspired by Alloways fic (and also rec'd).[1]


"In the alien-controlled post-Project future, the bond between Scully and Mulder evolves into a strange and bittersweet romance."

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

One of my very favorite fics is All the Mulders by Alloway. Very few fics can be labeled humor, angst, romance, mytharc and actually accomplish all that and more in the space of 5K. This story still makes me giggle and gives me chills even many years after I first read it. For starters, it boasts one of the best opening lines in XF fanfic history: In another age, another place, it would have been a hell of an opening line. "Three aliens, a Mulder and a Cancerman walk into a bar." [2]

"All The Mulders" is a post- colonisation fan fiction. The story is set 50 years after the colonisation itself, with only a few humans left. Although, Scully is among them Mulder is not and only at the end the reader will get some closure. Albeit, not everything will be revealed!

Even half an hour after I read the story, not everything was clear- if anything is clear at all.

First of all, one should not think too much while reading this story or else confussion will set in shortly after the second paragraph. However, if finished with it a good thought should be applied to it or else the story only will be labled as "scum" or too confusing to follow....

Second, one should pay close attention to the _articles_. When an "a" is used it is merely only an "a" and afterall, it *has* a different meaning than a "the" or no article at all! Although, I still cannot comprehend why the aliens would let any human survive. Come to think of it- maybe as security meassures to still have DNA samples at hand should problems surface?! So they would be able to continue conducting their experiments?! And they really think they are able to get away with it, while Scully still is a human herself?!

However, Scully is the only human that actually is acting- the others are only mentioned as a faceless crowed, still living there on their island. Despite the fact that Scully acts a little out of character here- well it is an alternative universe after all, so there is some leeway the author should get.

Anyway, this is not a straight story, it rather is something to get thinking by oneself. A what-if story. One that might as well have a sequel some might say, but isn't it more interesting to end the story in my own mind?

There are so many possiblities for that and since it is a 'think for yourself' piece already - go for it!

A well written piece, something like "Pulp Fiction" or a puzzle. Only this time the whole picture is in _your_ head! [3]


I think I'll cheat, cause I'm pretty sure people have talked about All The Mulders by Alloway - it's a cool, noirish alternate universe MSR. I just read it again, and it is SO cool. There's angst, and anger, and bitter sadness too. Did I mention the cool concept? <g>to the bed next to Mulder's and cries herself to sleep. I find new things to love about this story every time I read it.[4]


When I read All the Mulders by Alloway, I tried to get past this huge lump in my throat. This is the shortest post-colonization story I've read, and all the other epic behemoths couldn't even come close. Funny, tragic, sweet, cute, sad - all wrapped up in ten short kilobytes.[5]


It's an old one, but I just found it -- Skinner/Krycek, post apocalyptic and dry as ashes, yet shot through with moments of humor and even sweetness. And how could you not love a story where an ironic Skinner taunts Krycek with, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, if there *were* any people I'm sure they'd like me." Ever After, by Te. Another old but beautiful apocalyptic look, this time at Mulder and Scully, is All the Mulders by Alloway -- one of the best short-shorts in fandom. [6]


adore this fic. It's short, smart and brutal.

It's also a genre that a lot of people don't seem to enjoy ... post-Colonization.

I wonder why that is, if this an example of how bleakly wonderful such fics can be. Anyone have insights? Love the fic as much as me? Hate it and want to discuss why? I'm all ears.[7]

Just reread and, you know, wow. I itched to "fix" a word or two, which only happens when I respect the heck out of a fic. Its reputation has triumphed without me.

A word about "angst" as the desirable commodity some fans consider it. I don't enjoy reading about torture, death, life-deforming events. It's not fun for me, I resist, I take it seriously. So I appreciate it when a writer like Alloway makes every word meaningful and leaves me with an actual aesthetic benefit. And doesn't create a saga with wordage by the yard under the mistaken impression that I have time for the pain when I could be rereading Kel.

That pontificated, what would Scully's message have been? [8]

It's been a while since I read this, but I agree with everyone that it's wonderful.

It has something new to say and it says it well. It's intelligent and while it's sad, it has a chronic-ache mundane sadness. I guess technically it's angst, but it's angst I can respect.

I think the title put me off for a while. Not sure what I was expecting, maybe something goofy and happy, like Mulder Family Vacation or something.[9]

I have never read this story. It amazes me that I missed this somehow. Oh, I've heard the title over and over, but somehow I failed to read it. Wow. Powerful, funny, thought-provoking. It's exactly what XF fanfic should be--a window into their souls and an invitation to think about the characters in a different way. I can't find anything to complain about. Even the one or two tiny things that felt cliche weren't really when you consider this was a groundbreaker back in the day. Would I recommend? Hell, yeah. Without reservations, even to those whiny "I only want happy fic" readers. I'd say "Suck it up, rookie. It'll be good for you." [10]

It's obvious. "Bleakly wonderful" is, for most, an oxymoron. I hate most angst. I love this fic.[11]


In today’s fic, angst and dark humor are brilliantly mixed in a seemingly effortless manner. We could rave about the growth of Scully’s characterization or the new levels of evil CSM has reached, but our words wouldn’t do either justice. In such a short matter of time, Alloway manages to create a heartbreaking post-project world, and fully immerse the reader in the utter loneliness that surrounds it.[12]


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