All Slay

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Title: All Slay
Editor(s): Katy
Date(s): 2003-2004
Medium: print
Size: A5, A6
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Language: English
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All Slay "is a zine series focussing scholarly and fan attention on the Buffyverse (and it's satellite series'). It is part of a project of reinvigorating the fanzine and establishing a space for academic inquiry in zine form."[1]

It was described in Slayage as "a good source for a Buffy researcher, though not a traditional journal"[2]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

All Slay 1 was published in 2003.

  • time anomalies in 'life serial';
  • spike as spectacle;
  • musical narration across Magnolia and BtVS;
  • episode reviews ... and more
  • A5; black and white with detailing; 20 pages; text heavy

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

All Slay 2

  • lesbianism and the buffyverse
  • btvs and nursery rhymes
  • the best stand-alone episodes
  • defending season six (pt.2)
  • episode reviews
  • spangeley slash comic... and more

Issue 3

  • A5; black and white; 32 pages; text heavy
cover of issue #3

All Slay 3 was published in 2004.

  • gender roles in Angel
  • camp in the Buffyverse
  • sex and scholarship
  • queer as norm
  • transgressive gender
  • sounds of sex
  • smutty fic
  • Spangeley P.t 2... and more
  • A6; black and white; 52 pages; text heavy


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