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Title: Alexandra Quick series (Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle, the Lands Below, the Deathly Regiment, the Stars Above, the World Away).
Author(s): Inverarity
Date(s): 2007-
Length: 1,125,742
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: AO3, FFN, Illustrated versions

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The Alexandra Quick Series is a series of OC-centric fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe in an AU version of North America. It follows the adventures of Alexandra Quick, an eleven-year-old Muggleborn on her journey to learn magic.


There are current five books in the series, with a sixth book, Alexandra Quick and the Wizarding War in-progress.

Relationship to the Harry Potter books

As you know, I originally wrote my stories with the idea that they would remain, in theory, "canon compliant" with the Potterverse. With all the post-series material Rowling has released, and of course, the Fantastic Beasts movies, AQ stopped being canon compliant a while ago, at least with regards to the entire deuterocanonical universe. But I have still more or less treated the original seven-book series as a sort of Bible. Which is to say, while I've certainly added things to the setting that were at most barely suggested in the original books, I've avoided doing things that would flatly contradict them.[1]


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