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Name: Albie Awards
Date(s): 2007-2008
Associated Community: Light & Shadow Press
URL: Albies Award Website, Archived version
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The Albie Awards, aka Albies, were an award presented to fans by the runners of the Eastern Media Con to honour them for their commitment to fandom.

The Albie awards are EMC’s way of encouraging participation and celebrating our fellow fans. The Albies are intended to acknowledge all the wonderful fannish contributions that made EMC a success".

The Albie process took place during the convention weekend. Fans carried their ballots around during the convention, jotting down nominations for the different categories as they came across people and activities deserving of recognition. There are many categories, but all of them are rooted in appreciation of fans and fannish efforts, such as the Best Moderated Panel I Attended and Fellow Con Member Who was the Most Helpful or Friendly to Me.

The Albies helped make our friendly convention just a little more special for everyone. [1]


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