Alana Bloom

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Name: Dr. Alana Bloom
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Relationships: Margot Verger (Wife), Morgan Verger (Son)
Hannibal Lecter (Colleague & Love Interest),
Will Graham(Friend),
Jack Crawford (Boss & Friend)
Fandom: Hannibal (TV Series)
Other: Portrayed by Caroline Dhavernas
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Alana Bloom is a character in the NBC series Hannibal. She is a genderbent reimagining of Dr Alan Bloom, from Thomas Harris's Hannibal book series.




Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Pre canon works are often AUs where Alana and Hannibal have an affair. These fics often include a teacher - student dynamic.
  • Pregnancy Fics are often set between seasons, and show Margot and Alana preparing for the birth of their son. There are also many missing scene fics, which show the development of Margot and Alana's relationship before their marriage.
  • Hurt Comfort fics including Alana are common. These can include fics where Alana come to terms with her physical injuries and disability. Other works focus on the emotional trauma of discovering her lover is a serial killer.

Example Fanworks

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  • Après moi, le déluge by cicak, The new Alana has a spine reinforced with steel pins, and a pelvis completely built from scratch. Margot Verger makes her first statement an innuendo, and doesn't stop there.
  • Peacocks by coloredink, "Is it selfish?" Margot asked. They were nestled in bed together, white sheets rucked up around them like clouds, Margot's hand on Alana's belly, just under her navel. They hadn't made any announcement. Unlucky, before the end of the first trimester.
  • Each Other by charlotteof_denmark, Alana and Hannibal start their relationship smoothly. But slowly, very slowly, it darkens, and Alana discovers a part of Hannibal that she never wanted to see. They can only learn so much and live.




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