Alan Hunter

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Name: Alan Hunter
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek
URL: blog entry discussing his art
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Alan Hunter was a Star Trek fan artist whose worked appeared in early zines such as Grope. He passed away in 2012. From his obituary in :"British fan Alan Hunter (b.1923) died on August 1. Hunter was a fan artist whose work graced the cover of fanzines including Graveside Grope, an adult-themed Star Trek zine (as well as interior art for other issues of Grope. His art also appeared in It Goes on the Shelf, Science Fantasy Bulletin, and The Zone."[1]

In File770 one reader commented:"Always impressed by Alan’s work and looked forward to getting to see each new piece. One of those truly professional level artists who was still kind enough to share his work in the fannish publishing world as well."WebCite