Adventures of Chris Carter & Co.

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Title: Adventures of Chris Carter & Co.
Author(s): Andrea A. Pappas and Tony Anderson
Date(s): December 20, 1994
Genre: gen
Fandom: X-Files RPF
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Adventures of Chris Carter & Co. is a very early X-Files RPF, and a Metafic.

It is an "an on-going humor creative thread archive" by Andrea A. Pappas and Tony Pappas posted to in parts, beginning in 1994.


"Just what is this anyway?", is what you are asking yourself right now I'll bet. Well, it is actually quite simple.

On the newsgroup "", a thread had been started a while back (before time probably, only Andrea knows for sure) on a humorous note about where the creator of the X-FILES (Chris Carter) might have gone to. Some say they had him captive in a box under her bed (Andrea) and other theories that he was trapped in the closet.

Before long, the thread set off on a whole series of adventures for the creator of our favorite show. The title of this creative archive will always from now on, be: "The Adventures Of Chris Carter & Co". If you look into the " files" group, you will no doubt find the latest thread on the on- going adventures of Mr. Carter and the other actors of the series. You are forwarned, fact and fiction often meet and infact join hands *very much* in this venture. If you don't like silliness, steer clear at all costs.

Sadly, the start of this creative-thread, was not kept or archived (unless of course someone out there *has* it, and wants to help keep it whole (and sane, trust me! :-) send it on to me.

To help you decipher who has written what (and taken over the story), I will simply insert their name like this (ToNy) or (Andrea) before the text of what they have contributed (am I talking to myself?). This creative archive will be broken into chapters as it continues, so you can grab what you need. And now, the on-going story...[1]

Reactions and Reviews

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Uncontrollably... (keep up the good work you two!) [2]

Once upon a time, in a newsgroup far, far Out There, I remember coming upon a rather confusing piece of a story called "Paintballs." There was also a series called "The Adventures of Chris Carter & Co." I tried to read them both with the foolish notion that they were supposed to make sense. It didn't take me long to realize my mistake, but rather than run screaming from the room, I hung

around to see what other twisted things my fellow 'philes could dish up.[3]


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