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Title: Adventure... Plus
Publisher: Rook Press
Editor(s): Evelyn Farris
Date(s): 1985, around November or December
Series?: no
Medium: print
Size: 102 pages
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Adventure... Plus is a gen 102-page multifandom anthology. Interior art is by Dani Lane and Evelyn Farris. It originally sold for $11 (US).

front cover
back cover


Star Trek:TOS section:

  • The Woman Is... by J. Mike—An in-depth look at Spock, T'Pring, and Stonn, and what led to the events of "Amok Time". Reprinted from R & R #10. (3)
  • Timeless Enterprise by Ellen Farris—The Doctor and Sarah Jane land on the Enterprise during a crisis and lend a hand. (crossover with Doctor Who) (14)

Here Come the Brides section:

  • The Best of Enemies by J. Mike—Aaron and Jason have a private discussion and Aaron reveals why he dislikes the Apache boy, Hosannah. (21)
  • Another Bride, Another Brother—Jessica Evans arrives in Seattle, and the first person she meets is Aaron Stempel. It's love at first sight. What happens when Jason Bolt returns from the mountains and he and Jessica have an emotional meeting? (25)

Knight Rider section:

  • The Paladin Connection by Linda Terrell (Doctor Who/Knight Rider crossover) (38)
  • Knight Industries Two Thousand Specifications—A comprehensive look at what KITT can do. (45)
  • While Walking Through The Park One Day by Linda Terrell (Doctor Who/Knight Rider crossover) (48)
  • That Car! by Ellen Farris (Starsky and Hutch/Knight Rider crossover) (51)

Starsky and Hutch section:

  • Starsky vs. Hutch: A Settlement Out Of Court by Dani Lane—Starsky and Hutch settle their differences over Kira. (53)
  • What Is A Brother? by Ellen Farris—A missing scene from "Starsky's Little Brother". (63)
  • A Mother's Pride by Ellen Farris—Sharman Crane visits Starsky's mother for a chat. (65)
  • Kidnapped by Sue-Anne Hartwick—Starsky has been kidnapped and Hutch is desperate to find him. (69)
  • Minnesota Homecoming by Ellen Farris—Post-"Shootout" story about the boys going to Minnesota for Hutch's sister's wedding. (74)

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