Ad Astra (Battlestar Galactica zine)

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For fanworks with a similar title, see Ad Astra.

Title: Ad Astra
Publisher: AAA Press
Editor(s): Jess Mortimore
Date(s): all three in 1984 or before
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Ad Astra is a gen Battlestar Galactica series of three novels.

Issue 1

Ad Astra 1 is subtitled: "Ambrosia Has a Lot to Answer For." It is by J.A. Mortimore and may have been published in 1982 or later.

From an ad in Universal Translator # 22: "It's the New Yahren Festival on Caprica, and Apollo, Starbuck, and Zac feel like celebrating. What better way to impress their three lady friends than with an off-the-record guided tour of the Galactica? But they didn't reckon on an emergency recall -- or on meeting a Cylon attack force."

Issue 2

Ad Astra 2 is subtitled: "Reunion." It is by J.A. Mortimore.

From an ad in Universal Translator # 22: "Some time has passed since the destruction of the Colonies, and the people of the fleet are beginning to adjust. But Colonel Tigh is still haunted by the memory of Jizelle, the beautiful Libran girl he loved and lost in the Cylon attack. And then she reappears! This story covers the period from the end of the 'Fire in Space' through 'Hand of God.'"

Issue 3

Ad Astra 3 is subtitled: "The Captain's Lady." It is by A.S. Lawrence.

From an ad in Universal Translator # 22: "Off-planet when the Cylons attack, Caprican merchant Siana and her crew are left behind by the main Galactican fleet. But Siana isn't going to let a little thing like the destruction of the Colonies come between her and Captain Apollo, and she has every intention of finding him again -- come what may!"