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Title: Acidimia
Author(s): sheafrotherdon
Date(s): 15 August 2007
Length: 8,852 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Acidimia (mcshep_match)
Acidimia (fic + cover)
Acidimia (Dreamwidth)
Acidimia (AO3)
cover by newkidfan (2007)

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Acidimia is a John/Rodney story by sheafrotherdon (~9,000 words). The story was written for the 'Absent Without Leave' prompt for Team Angst during mcshep_match.

Summary: John runs.

newkidfan created a cover for the story.[1]

In this story John is turned into a Runner. One of the main functions of the Runner element here is to separate John and Rodney so that the story can explore the angst this would cause without giving too much away about the nature of their relationship.

Recs and Reviews

John is made into a Runner and Rodney is going to get him back. No matter what. Showing both John and Rodney’s points of view, this story is a wonderful view of just what they mean to each other. [2]


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