Acceptable Risk

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Title: Acceptable Risk
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Kylie Lee
Cover Artist(s): Helyn Highwater
Illustrator(s): Helyn Highwater
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise
Language: English
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cover by Helyn Highwater

Acceptable Risk is a slash 142-page mainly Tucker/Reed Star Trek: Enterprise novel by Kylie Lee. The cover and art is by Helyn Highwater.

Chapter Titles

  • Acceptable Risk (Tucker and Reed discover that their interaction goes beyond anger) (1)
  • Cold (Tucker and Reed recover in sick bay) (13)
  • Montage (Dark short stories from Tucker’s POV) (25)
  • Holding Back: Archer's POV (Archer begins haunting Tucker) (40)
  • Holding Back: Tucker's POV (Tucker and Reed sort their own relationship) (55)
  • One Voice (Archer and Tucker deal with the fallout of having been captured by an alien creature) (69)
  • Desire (Tucker and Reed try to remain friends) (84)
  • Heat (Archer and Tucker struggle through the desert) (101)
  • Winning the Lottery (Rucker and Reed play a version of Twenty Questions) (126)