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Synonyms: Academy Era
Related: High School AU, College AU, Academic AU, Pastfic
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Academy fics are very similar to College AUs, but these works are often canon-compliant. An academy era fic will often explore an adult character's backstory, and can be a canon AU if it gets together two characters who are not canonically in a relationship. This term is most often applied in fandoms where there is already a canon Academy that main characters attended in the past.

Many of these works are Pastfics, but others are AUs.

Fandoms where Academy Era fics are common:

  • Star Trek works set at Starfleet Academy appear in almost all Star Trek fandoms and timelines.
  • Doctor Who works set at The Academy on Gallifrey. Many of these works focus on the early Doctor/Master(Theta/Koschei) relationship.
  • MCU but particularly Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D fics set at Shield Academy. Many of these works are not canon compliant; some pair Fitzsimmons, while other include characters who did not attend the Academy in canon as students.
  • More recently, Star Wars sequel trilogy works have been set at a First Order Academy or at Luke's Jedi Academy. Many works set at the Jedi Academy are tagged as Jedi Academy AUs, if they have a tag referring to the setting and time period, as they are not canon compliant.

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