Absolut Chloe

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Journal Community
Name: Absolut_Chloe
Date(s): September 17, 2006 - present
Moderator: legendarytobes
Founder: ladydreamer
Type: Chloe Sullivan
Fandom: Smallville
URL: http://absolut-chloe.livejournal.com/

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Absolut Chloe is a Smallville livejournal community dedicated to Chloe Sullivan.

"While this community allows all ships with Chloe, all posts should focus on Chloe as a character, and not primarily on pairing her off. Character-driven, not romance driven. Yes, other characters can appear in the story or art and, yes, of course sometimes they will be romantic in nature as a side part of the story. However, fanworks should focus on Chloe herself and her own personality/wants/life as a character primarily."

As of May 7, 2017 there are 115 members.