A Small Space in Time

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Small Space in Time
Author(s): JackHawksmoor
Date(s): 2009
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Small Space in Time is a Kirk/Spock story by JackHawksmoor.

Reactions and Reviews

Oh my. First off, let me say I really love this author‘s writing style in all hir stories. It‘s sophisticated, lean, almost spare, but incredibly rich and evocative even so...that‘s not an easy thing to pull off. The second thing that hit me like a load of bricks is her characterization of James T. Kirk. Wow. Hold on to your hats, cuz James T. ain‘t no shrinkin‘ violet here! Huzzah.

I have an inordinate fascination with Kirk when characterized this boldly. It‘s odd...I‘ve never tried to pull off a Jimmy T like this myself, but hoo boy, when somebody else does, and does it believably and well? Yowsah. I think the thing is with a Kirk like this is it‘s a very, very fine line between portraying him realistically and believably, and taking that one step too far and having him become a bit of a caricature of himself. It takes skillful writing and a very clear vision to pull it off. This writer does it. This story is not much more than a Plot What Plot? in most respects, and yet it is so much more rich than most of those. We start with Kirk and Spock in the midst of a crisis, on an away mission. They‘re besieged, beleaguered...another team member is dead, and Kirk and Spock are hiding in a very small storage space from the bad guys. Very small. Spock is injured, and we have the story from Kirk‘s perspective. If I were to sum up this story, I‘d say Kirk ends up ̳seeing‘ certain things about his first officer he‘d not seen before while stuck there, and decides to take action to see if his revelations are accurate. Yes, hot lava sex ensues. I‘ll not say more, because I don‘t want to spoil it...there‘s a line in here that, when I got to it, had me hooting out loud and choking on my tongue (because everybody was asleep at my house and I was trying to stifle the shocked reaction, not an easy thing to do!) Suffice it to say that Spock may be injured but he‘s fully functional...and Kirk is definitely The Starfleet‘s- Golden Boy-Youngest Captain-Confident and Assured- Prize Winner. He‘s most definitely a man who has utmost faith in his abilities and actions. And doesn‘t hesitate to take action when inspired or prompted, even in the midst of chaos. Ain‘t no cracks in this Jimmy‘s armor of confidence!

I bet you‘ll laugh and be mortified at the same time I did. [1]
Jack Hawksmoor‘s "A Small Space In Time" is a "trapped in a small space so let‘s learn what our true feelings are" story. Wow! Hot, sweet, and with great observances, particularly on the power of Kirk‘s smiles. I always *love* what Jack does with telepathy. The "bond", "link", whatever you want to call it – is here translated to literal, impossible vision. [2]


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