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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Sick(Bay) Story
Author(s): Ellen O'Neil
Date(s): 1992
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Sick(Bay) Story is a Kirk/Spock story by Ellen O'Neil.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #12.

Reactions and Reviews

Newlyweds Kirk & Spock put a little spicy variety into their love life by playing doctor in Sickbay, with a fancy new rectal speculum with fascinating non-medical uses. McCoy spoils the fun, but gets the last word. A hoot. [1]
Kirk and Spock are playing 'doctor", but of course it can't be simple. They can't confine themselves to pretending in their own cabin, no, they have to sneak into Sickbay! The game has Kirk as the doctor and Spock his shy patient. Spock explains his 'problem', and Doctor Kirk is ready to cure him!

The author did a nice job of using Kirk's questions and Spock's answers as part of their foreplay, and of course Doctor Kirk must examine his patient. I liked the rather interesting device Kirk used on Spock. They make love right there in Sickbay in a great scene. But, as what usually happens to naughty children, they get busted when McCoy unexpectedly shows up. I love how McCoy sees right through them, and how he 'punishes' them in the end.

A good, sexy, fun story.[2]
... I happen to know [it] is based on a dream the author had. In it, Kirk and Spock literally decide to play doctor in McCoy's sickbay during a time they believe it will be deserted. Kirk wants to use a new speculum in their, uh, foreplay, and the resulting story is quite bizarre, unlike anything I've read elsewhere. I found myself chuckling out loud as I read and also being a bit embarrassed by the position in which the author puts Spock and what Kirk is doing with the instrument! Very unique and humorous if you can get past a gynecological position with stirrups that most of us who are women are all too familiar with. [3]
This author didn‘t write K/S for very long, but I quickly learned to look for her name in the table of contents of a zine. While she writes a more submissive Spock and a more dominant Kirk than is usually found, I enjoy her renditions of the guys. She manages to push my sensitive Vulcan button every time...

And now for something completely different... I don‘t think there has ever been a story like this one, nor is there likely to be. Kirk and Spock play ―doctor‖ while Bones is out of the office. Somehow or other, Kirk has convinced his first officer and bondmate to role-play doctor and patient down in Sickbay. Naturally, Kirk is the doctor and Spock, the patient. How he managed to talk Spock into this remains a mystery, although he could probably charm Spock into anything if he tried hard enough. (Witness The Enterprise Incident. Now that must have taken some convincing.) Spock has agreed to play, and he gamely continues though it‘s clear he really doesn‘t understand the human need to ―spice things up a bit.‖ Once he has Spock on the examining table, Kirk whips out the new speculum he coaxed McCoy into demonstrating last week. When warmed and inserted into Spock‘s rectum, it is set to rhythmically dilate and contract. Kirk is fascinated by this view of Spock‘s insides: ―It‘s green. I mean brilliant green! And so shiny and moist. And...wrinkled.—It‘s beautiful.‖ And truth be told, despite his initial hesitation, Spock realizes he‘s enjoying the whole experience very much. Very much indeed. After things progress to their logical conclusion, the lovers decide the whole experience has made Sickbay a friendlier place. Suddenly McCoy, clad in his ratty bathrobe and wearing hot pink socks, appears. No dummy, he quickly adds two and two and quite logically comes up with four and decides to teach the intrepid command team not to mess around in his domain.

The author once told me this story was the result of a dream she‘d had. (I‘d like to know why I never have dreams like this.) It‘s a truly delightful story. Although it might make you squirm a bit here and there, you‘ll do so with a smile on your face. [4]


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