A Sherlockian Salmagundi

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You may be looking for A Triumvirate of Sherlockiana.

Title: A Sherlockian Salmagundi
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): 2011
Medium: print, download, CD
Size: full-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Language: English
External Links: http://requiem.ravenshadow.net/
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cover by L.A. Adolf

A Sherlockian Salmagundi is a 186-page slash h/c Holmes/Watson anthology by L.A. Adolf. It is full-sized, has a cover and interior art by the author, and a colour interior piece of art by Sekhmet.

It won two 2012 Fan Q Awards.

From the publisher: "The stories are all SH09 inspired, but assume many different premises within that 'universe' and were written for a closed community on LJ."

There are 31 stories, ranging from 2 to 26 pages.