A Shark with Feet

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Title: A Shark with Feet
Publisher: A Shark with Feet
Editor(s): Andrew Bowles
Date(s): 2002
Medium: fanzine, print and CD
Fandom: Buffy & Angel
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A Shark with Feet is a Buffy and Angel anthology fanzine published in print format in 2002.

From the editor's website: "The fics in our first issue included m/m and f/f slash, fluff, angst, smut, action, darkfic, a crossover with Twin Peaks, a future fic and a couple of what-if variations of the Buffy/Angel-verse."

The Proposed Second Issue

A second issue was planned but it is unclear if it was ever published. Proposed table of contents (links go to WayBack Archive and not all stories may be archived):

Andrew Bowles
"Coming Down" - Devon, Oz and the pleasures of coming down. Set between S1 and S2.
"Idiots and Prophets" - Sequel to "Bad Voodoo." Faith spends some time in Sunnydale. Set in 2005 in an AU where Buffy stays dead after "The Gift."
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Faith dreams. Set between S3 and S4.
Bad Boy Blue
"At First Sight" - Sequel to "A New Beginning." A future fic about the next generation of Sunnydale students.
Hyacinth Girl
"St. Sebastian" - Giles and Ethan test fate. Set between S5 and S6.
"That's Life" - Spike goes to Caritas and gets more than a reading. Set during Buffy S6/Angel S3 in an AU in which Caritas is still open.
"Getting Her Wings," Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 - Willow begins her training and a dark plot is unfurled.
"Ask for Answers" - Faith gets an unexpected Christmas guest.