A Potential Donor??

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Title: A Potential Donor??
Author: Arletta Asbury
Dates: 11 April 1997
Focus: Forever Knight
URL: "A Potential Donor??" (on the FTP site)
"A Potential Donor??" (on Arletta's Fan Fiction)
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A Potential Donor?? is a skit by Arletta Asbury that was originally written for the Music and Drama club where she worked, though it was never actually performed at their workshop. Its premise is a fundamental misunderstanding between Nick Knight, whose boss has sent him to a collection centre during a blood drive, and a worker there who has no idea that he is a vampire.

When one of my co-workers, active in the Music and Drama club at work, learned that I was writing FK fanfic, he asked me to write a skit for possible inclusion in their next Spring Show which is a drama workshop. This is the skit that I wrote, hoping to introduce more people to FK in the process. (Really it's more of a parody than anything else. Nick would just leave and try to square things later with the Captain, but then we wouldn't have a skit!)

My friend also assured me that for workshops, TPTB's copyrights were not an issue. (They had done a Star Trek skit the previous year, for example.)

As it turned out, the club decided *not* to use it because their show was going to be too long otherwise.

However, it was written for an audience that would have contained some people familiar with FK but probably even more that were not. Therefore, I *was* trying to have it be funny no matter whether or not someone had ever seen FK before.

from the notes to the story