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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Arletta's Fan Fiction a/k/a Arletta's Home Page
Author: Arletta Asbury
Dates: c. 1998 - present
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Arletta's Fan Fiction
The main page of Arletta's Fan Fiction
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Arletta's Fan Fiction is Arletta Asbury's website, primarily intended as an archive for her fan fiction. The design is pretty barebones, with plain white pages and basic text/links except on the index page, which is decorated with the Forever Knight logo and a graphic of the Toronto skyline.

Arletta originally had a website at However, she decided to transfer her fan fiction to a new site (at, when Yahoo! purchased GeoCities and altered the terms of service.[1] In 2014 the webhost disappeared, and Arletta's Fan Fiction was transferred to the Forever Knight Website Archive.

Site Contents

Although the website primarily archives fan fiction, it does include some additional material:

  • links pages for different types of Forever Knight sites as well as one for non-FK sites
  • a page of photos of favourite performers at the Maryland and the Virginia Renaissance Festivals
  • a photo of FK fans outside the Coroners Building in Toronto, one of whom is Arletta[1]
  • Cousine Helene's FK Family Feud game[2]
  • a section of small tribute pages about Forever Knight characters

The fan fiction is organized into five subsections:

  • Misc. FK Fiction (sundry short comic pieces)
  • Last Knight Fiction (various Last Knight stories, Arletta's earliest fanfic)
  • Fourth Season Fiction
  • Post Fourth Season Fiction (the story, "An Unusual Conversation Among Friends", which is a DS9 crossover cum postscript to the Fourth Season)
  • Fiction Wars (Arletta's posts in the 7th, 8th, and 9th Forever Knight Wars)


  1. ^ See the note on the index page of the Reocities copy of Arletta's first site.