A Pirate's Life

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Title: A Pirate's Life
Author(s): Elspethdixon (Elspeth1)
Date(s): 13 August 2003 - 18 November 2003
Length: 16 chapters (56,596 words)
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
External Links: story text on ff.net

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A Pirate's Life was one of the very early Jack/Elizabeth/Will works in Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, and remains an excellent example of the genre. It includes many elements which were to become tropes in the fandom, including Elizabeth and Will's marriage after the events of The Curse of the Black Pearl; Elizabeth's agency and desire to become a pirate; use of Age of Sail sea shanties (and the twenty-first-century song used in the movie); and Will and Elizabeth running away from Port Royal to join Jack after a period of trying for respectability.