A Personnel Matter

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Personnel Matter
Author(s): Karla Kelly
Date(s): 1996
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Personnel Matter is a Kirk/Spock story by Karla Kelly.

It was published in the print zine KaleidoScope #5.


"When the Gorn aboard the Enterprise requests a transfer, Spock thinks that he must find a way to make her see herself as attractive by “sexually stimulating” her, a comment Kirk totally misunderstands."

Reactions and Reviews

“I am, at the moment, considering the advisability of sexually stimulating the Lieutenant.” I just love that line, totally Spockian. And when I imagine Kirk’s face when he hears that.... Well, that’s the icing on the cake. [1]
I just fell down when I read the first line of this story: "Spock studied the request for transfer, then he looked at the Gorn sitting across from his desk". What can I say? Is it just a coincidence that I'm seeing Gorn stuff everywhere? Or is there something deeper and more sinister involved?

The hapless female (at least we think so) Gorn lieutenant wants to transfer off the Enterprise because there's no one to match up with. Spock researches Gorn sexuality (he should have asked me) and "as far as Spock could tell, Gorns were attracted to nobody but Gorns". (Ha! I dont think so!)

Really funny when Spock asks McCoy if he "oozed sex" and Spock not knowing what sex the Gorn is because he didn't look! And also very funny in Kirk's cabin where Kirk wants to have sex but Spock is more concerned with the Gorn's problem.

So clever—they decide to hold a dance on the Enterprise where the Gorn can "project" her sexuality.

Kirk pulls down Spock's pants with the line: "I want to sexually stimulate you"! Hey! Works for me! Then Kirk leads him to the bed as "Spock nearly blinked"!

They have some pretty hot sex and Spock compares the taste of Kirk's semen: "the consistency is not unlike how oysters feel going down". What the heck was Spock doing eating oysters anyhow? What where they? Vegi-oysters?

I can't forget to comment on the author's continual excellent choices of titles. This story is hilarious—another Karla Kelly gem! [2]
A fun story, though the premise is rather thin - a Gorn crewmember's lack of self-esteem. I'm amused at this "The Gorn and Sex Appeal" theme, in light of Shelley's Gorn story coming out soon.

A female Gorn on the Enterprise requests a transfer from her superior, Spock. She says she can't form friendships necessary in this close community. She sees that all relationships among humans are based on sex, and feels she is not found attractive.

I like seeing Spock at "work," in his department with his people. He wants her to reconsider for a month; wants to help with this personal matter. He says human relationships are not based on sex; I have a few friends, he says. Hurisssa says, ha, you just ooze sex, Mr. Spock.

He thinks about it; thinks the solution might be to convince her she is sexually attractive to humans.

So funny, how he so innocently brings this matter up with McCoy, with Kirk right there, saying things like, do I ooze sex? And that he thinks he ought to sexually stimulate someone in his department. Kirk about chokes. They're dumbfounded, take it all wrong.

I liked how Spock didn't even know (when McCoy asked) if this lieutenant was male or female.

The Hurisssa situation gets resolved, but the best is Kirk's coming out to Spock, now that he thinks Spock might be looking elsewhere. Sweet and sexy sex scene, yes. (However, Spock definitely doesn't eat oysters.)

Nice story. I really appreciate Karla's ability to write a short story. [3]


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