A Light in Dark Places

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You may be looking for Light In Dark Places, another LotR website.

Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: A Light in Dark Places
Author: Frayach ni Cuill
Dates: last updated 2005
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: http://lightindarkplaces.luminousbeings.net/
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A Light in Dark Places is a Lord of the Rings Frodo/Sam fanfiction website dedicated to "Frodo and Sam and to their incredible bond, which was, is, and always will be a light in the darkest night."

The page is listed in the link section of A Bit of Light.



Rating: PG
Summary: Following Bilbo's sudden disappearance, Frodo has some decisions he must make and some ghosts and possibilities he must face.
Notes: "Thanks to Cara, Notabluemaia, and Thia for beta comments."
Posted: June 30, 2003

What the Heart Knows

Rating: PG
Summary: After leaving Bag End after Bilbo’s departure, Gandalf thinks back over the conversation he had with Frodo the night before and considers signs and portents of things to come.
Notes: "Thanks to Cara, Europanya, Teasel and Thia for beta comments."
Posted: Aug. 1, 2003

The Invitation

Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sam considers the nature of his service to Frodo during a sojourn at the Cotton farm. Meanwhile Frodo prepares for the first Hundred-weight feast after Bilbo's departure, and Sam receives more than one invitation.
Notes: "A big thank you to my betas from Hobbitfic and to Cara Loup."
Posted: Oct. 4, 2003

Endurance Beyond Hope

Rating: R
Summary: Fourteen years after Frodo's departure from the Havens, Merry is visited at Brandy Hall by Sam and his family and discovers a well-spring of both grief and hope.
Notes: "Many thanks to Cara Loup for discovering and nurturing this story and publishing it in her beautiful zine Inside A Song. Many thanks as well to Europanya for her encouragement, beta comments and astronomy tips."
Posted: June 24, 2004


Out Of Love

Posted: November 5, 2005
The following five poems are all written from Sam’s point of view and can be read as a series. The first is “Winter Morning on the Beach” and the time is 1422 – the first winter following Frodo’s departure. The second is “Making Apple Butter,” and the time is fall 1422, a year after Frodo’s departure. The third poem is “Saplings,” and its timing is far more indeterminate – sometime between Elanor’s sixth and tenth birthdays. The fourth poem and the companion to “Saplings” is “After Snow.” The timing for this poem is also fairly indeterminate – Elanor is somewhere between the ages of six and ten. The final poem in the series is “Dawn at the Solstice,” which is set on the winter solstice, twelve years after Frodo’s departure. I didn’t intend it as such when I first wrote it (in fact I didn’t see these poems as a series until long after I wrote them), but I now see “Dawn” as a kind of bookend poem to “Winter Morning.” It feels like a full circle to me, somehow.

Winter Morning on the Beach

Making Apple Butter


After Snow

Dawn at the Solstice

Posted: November 5, 2005