A Guide to the Commonwealth

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Title: A Guide to the Commonwealth (subtitled "The Official Guide to Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth Universe")
Publisher: Michael Goodwin and Robert Teague
Date(s): mid-1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Humanx Commonwealth Universe
Language: English
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A Guide to the Commonwealth is a 70-page zine by Robert Teague and Michael Goodwin, with an introduction by Alan Dean Foster.

While this publication was endorsed and signed by Alan Dean Foster, creator of the universe the zine was based on, the publication itself was sold out of someone's apartment and is self-published.

Description from an Ad

A Guide to the Commonwealth is a extensive collection of material from the Humanx Commonwealth Universe novels and stories written by Alan Dean Foster.

A Guide to the Commonwealth contains 70 pages of maps, diagrams, illustrations, a complete chronology of events and important people, definitions and descriptions of flora and fauna, alien races, weapons and spacecraft - everything you have ever wanted to know about the Humanx Commonwealth Universe.

Special bulk purchase rates are available to anyone who orders 10 or more copies of the Guide.

100 hardcover copies, signed and numbered by Robert Teague, Michael Goodwin, and Alan Dean Foster are available.

A Guide to the Commonwealth is 8 W by 11", with a two color cover, and is offset printed. Price is $6 per copy.