A Dead World

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Title: A Dead World
Author(s): Laluzi
Date(s): 2012-2017
Length: 425k words
Genre: Crossover, Adventure, Suspense
Fandom: Prototype, Fallout: New Vegas
External Links: FF.net
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A Dead World is a Prototype and Fallout: New Vegas crossover fic. It has become popular enough to have a page on TV Tropes, where it has the descriptive header tags "Awesome", "Funny", "Heartwarming", "Nightmare Fuel", and "Tearjerker".


This fic has pretty much ruined other Prototype fics for me and other Fallout New Vegas fics. Alex is just perfectly characterized here, with his development feeling 100% natural and earned, and this fic's Courier is one of the most charming and enjoyable I've ever read. The fic is definitely hilarious, but it also has plenty of gravitas and time for soul-searching philosophy, and Alex's presence adds a few new twists and surprises to how some quests play out. Definitely, definitely take the time to read this.[1]

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