A Baker Street Dozen

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Title: A Baker Street Dozen
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): May 2013
Medium: print, CD, download
Genre: slash
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, Richie movies
Language: English
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A Baker Street Dozen is a slash Sherlock Holmes fiction anthology by Nodbear. The front cover is by Lorraine Brevig.

The stories were originally written for a closed community on LJ and were edited for the zine.

front cover art by Lorraine Brevig


  • Dispelling the Shadows (Summary: Reflections from a married man about his life without Holmes.)
  • Scars Can Come in Useful (Summary: We are a sum of our scars, both on the outside and inside.)
  • As the Stars When the Night is Silent (Summary: Desire in the night with the stars at witness to the love between two men.)
  • Sleepytime Watson (Summary: A drowsing and reflecting Holmes and a companion sonnet.)
  • Lost For Love (Summary: The villainous Blackwood requires something from Holmes that only Watson can provide.)
  • Stranger Than Fiction (Summary: An injured Watson engages in flights of fancy - or are they?)
  • Things to Do in Winter (Summary: Six things that two men do when it's cold outside.)
  • The Last Waltz (Summary: Watson no longer wishes to dance, but why?)
  • Truly Yours: If I Take the Wings of the Morning (Summary: If only Watson knew what was in Holmes' private journal from the time he was away from him.)
  • In Comfort and Adversity (Summary: In need of sanctuary, Holmes and Watson find themselves listening to a marriage ceremony, and only too well can understand those words spoken by the rector.)
  • There is No Barrier Shall Prevent Me (Summary: Can - and will - Mycroft prevent Watson from seeing a gravely injured Holmes?)
  • Unexpected Epiphany (Summary: The years drag by without Holmes but he is not forgotten nor unloved by his friends.)
  • His Wish is my Command (Summary: Watson is captured and held in a foreign land, far away from help. Only Holmes has the cunning and the bravery to take another man's place and attempt to bargain for his lover's life.)