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Synonyms: 9nerd, 9fan
See also: 9, stitchpunk, 9 Forum
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9tard is a name for a 9 fan that fell out of use in regards to the social justice movement. Later, some fans suggested the use of the name "9nerd," (and "9ers" was mentioned briefly) but this never seemed to catch on, leaving both titles in the fandoms past. 9 fans, in 2020, mostly just go by "9 fans" or "9fans." Still, 9tard was used for quite some time among the very early years of the fandom. This can be clearly seen in one of the original title rewards of the Proboard forum for the 9 Forum, called "Extreem 9tard," which was bestowed automatically to members who were very active and posted a lot.


On Feb 26, 2014, a 9 Forum member named robotpumpkin posted a public thread title "Fandom name?" to discuss what the 9 fandom fans should be called. For a long time they'd already been calling themselves 9tards, which many members pointed out. It started a discussion on whether or not the term was offensive or not, and if the fandom should change it.[1]

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but what would our fandom name be i.e. whovians equal fans of Doctor Who. What are we even called? Do we even HAVE a fandom title? What would it be? The 9ers???? 9punks??? Numerals? what even??????

robotpumpkin's original post

I think '9tards' was it for a while... Possibly not very politically correct.

Azvolrien, Feb 26, 2014

I think '9tards' is pretty offensive... I usually use '9punks' when talking about it with friends but it hasn't caught on, (possibly because I only have a handful of friends in the fandom.)

crystalstitchpunk, Jun 30, 2014

My brother and I call each other 9tard because we both love the movie. I never much cared for being politically correct in anything and I personally don't see it as being offensive, but I can understand if others might see it as such. The other term my brother and I use is 9nerd.

Stitchpunk-6, Sep 24, 2014


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