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Journal Community
Name: 25fluffyfics
Date(s): 2006 - 2013
Moderator: angstytimelord, fluffyficsmod, larianelensar, laurelote, moanahine
Founder: ?
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: https://25fluffyfics.livejournal.com/

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25fluffyfics was a theme community with a table of fluffy prompts. It allowed original content and RPS. There were 838 entries and 2,132 comments posted to the community since 2006.


Hello! This community has been created in the spirit of such fiction challenges as fanfic100 50kinkyways and 50_darkfics

This challenge is for all those writers who want an excuse to write fluff. It is open to all fandoms, and you can write slash, het, both or neither, the choice is completely up to you.

However:The minimum age for joining this community is 18

I will be checking profiles for proof of age. If you do not have your date of birth listed on your profile please click HERE. I will NOT accept your membership without an age statement.

There are 25 different fluffy prompts that you can write on your own or as a partnership. There is currently no limit to the number of claims per person/pairing, but a limit could be introduced in the future.