50 darkfics

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Journal Community
Name: 50_darkfics
Date(s): 2006 - 2019
Moderator: anorienparker
Founder: ?
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: https://50-darkfics.livejournal.com/

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50_darkfics was a theme community with a table of dark prompts. The community profile credits most of the prompts to autumn_witch78. There were 1,074 entries and 1,078 comments posted to the community since 2006. Posts to the community are locked by default.


Welcome! This is community was created in the spirit of the amazing fanfic100, only it's open for folks who want to co-writers as well.

The focus of this story is the dark fic. The dark ones that no one likes to talk about or admit that they write. Get as dark as you like in here. It's flocked for members only.

YOU MUST BE at least 18 to join!!!

The only real difference between this community and fanfic100 is that we have 100 different prompts, up to three people/writing partnerships can claim the same person/pairing and you don't have to write alone.