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Journal Community
Name: 10lilies
Date(s): 2 April 2007 - 10 October 2012
Founder: shanaqui
Type: F/F, Yuri
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: "on LiveJournal". Archived from the original on 2013-01-26.

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10lilies was a multifandom yuri fan fic community on LiveJournal. The community was based on the concept set up by 30_kisses and fanfic100 in which, after an author/artist claimed a fandom they were interested in creating for, fanworks were produced based on the ten themes given. The themes were:

1. Unexpected news
2. Raincloud
3. Peace and war
4. A keepsake
5. Lucky
6. Good intentions
7. Quiet
8. A long road
9. Secrets
10. Loyalty

As of October 10, 2012 the community had 283 fanwork entries.