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Name: MediaMiner
Date(s): August 13, 2000-?
Archivist: ?
Founder: ?
Type: fanfic, fanart
Fandom: anime
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MediaMiner (also known as and is a fanfiction and fanart archive that primarily focuses on anime fandoms. It also has information on anime series themselves and forums for discussion of many related topics.

During the early 2000s, it was the default fiction archive for many anime fans, but the site's popularity has waned over time. Some fans attribute this to the old-fashioned, difficult to navigate site structure and layout.

The site had over 130,000 registered users as of January, 2007.[1]

Archive Funding

The owners and maintainers paid for the site hosting out of their own pockets. The rest was funded through the sale of merchandise through their CafePress store. Prizes for contests were paid for by administrators connected to the site.


The site is particularly popular with the InuYasha fandom. Older anime fandoms like Yu Yu Hakusho and Weiss Kreuz are also well-represented.[2]

Fanfiction Fandoms

fics by fandom
fics by source media type primarily hosts anime fanfic, but some users also archive other work, particularly fic of Japanese video game series like Final Fantasy. Some of the biggest fanfiction fandoms on the site are:[3]

Fanart Fandoms

Some of the biggest fanart fandoms on the site are:[4]

  • InuYasha - 2,204
  • Naruto - 848
  • Dragon Ball/Z/GT - 755
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - 719
  • Yu Yu Hakusho - 509
  • Final Fantasy Series - 491
  • Harry Potter - 482

Original art and art based on specific pieces of fanfiction are also very popular.


Fanfiction contests have included:

  • 2007 Maximum Challenge Contest
  • 2006 Trick or Treat Autumn Mini Fiction Contest
  • 2006 Make a Wish Summer Mini-Fiction Contest
  • 2006 Maximum Challenge Contest
  • 2006 Sacrificial Spring Minific Contest
  • 2005 Winter Wonderland Minific Contest
  • 2005 Action Autumn Minific Contest
  • Summer Stars Contest 2005
  • Evil Spring Contest 2005
  • MediaMiner's Third Annual Big Ass Fanfiction Contest


Early History

Increasing Problems

In late 2010/early 2011, the site crashed. Problems took some time to resolve. As of 2011, some users are wondering whether the site might be past its prime.[5] Other users feel the lower site traffic is a symptom of a general trend in fandom towards less public, centralized spaces.

As of early 2014, the site started showing additional problems, including author profiles devoid of information, story titles replaced by strings of gibberish and, reportedly, an inability of authors to log in, update existing stories or add new ones. These problems, compounded by the seeming absence of the site's staff, appear to have lead to a string of temporary crashes that have made access to the archive intermittent and unreliable.

Additional Reading


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