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Name: Digimon
Creator: Bandai
Date(s): 1997 – ongoing
Medium: manga, anime, video games, card game
Country of Origin: Japan
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Originally a hand-held video game pet, the Digimon franchise has grown to include five seasons of an animated television show, nine movies, comics, a card game, and fifteen video games. Generally the plots follow a group of children who partner with monsters to fight the forces of evil.

Anime canon


Season 01

Season 02


The first season of Digimon coincided with the spread of the personal use of the Internet. Character and relationship shrines appeared on GeoCities and AngelFire, and stories were uploaded to FanFiction.Net.

Major websites

While small shrines were popular, there were a number of large sites that dominated the Digimon fandom. LELOLA.net was started in 1997 with coverage of a few of the anime being broadcasted in North America at that time, namely Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Creator Pan-chan maintained the site for 11 years, closing it in 2008. It remains available online as an archive.

LELOLA hosted massive collection of Digimon icons. These weren't created by LELOLA's staff (most likely have been lifted from Japanese fansites) and were in turn taken for use on other Digimon sites. The icons, particularly the small, blinking heads of the human characters, were a staple of fan shrines. They were occasionally edited to make original characters or personalize a character for that site (such as Goth TK).

Another large and popular site, and an affiliate of LELOLA, was The Digimon Experience. It provided fans with screenshots from the show, which other sites used, often without removing the watermark located in the right corner.

Smaller character and pairing shrines were also created by fans of the show. Unfortunately, when GeoCities closed, many of these sites were lost.


The first two seasons of Digimon in particular had fandom activity revolving around ships. Characters were often paired into slash couples, due to the pairing off that took place in the show. Generally, portmanteaus are the preferred method for naming ships.

Popular ships included:

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