Final Fantasy

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Name: Final Fantasy
Abbreviation(s): FF
Creator: SquareSoft (later Square Enix)
Date(s): 1987-
Medium: Game
Country of Origin: Japan
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Final Fantasy is a series of video games created and published by the Japanese company Square Enix. There are currently fifteen numbered installments in the series as well as a number of sequels, prequels, spin-offs and three films.

Although many people consider Final Fantasy to be a single fandom, the numbered games within the franchise are not directly related to one another, and not everyone in the fandom knows or has played all the games. Many people in FF fandom have played more than one game, or are at least familiar with multiple games, but not all.


The Final Fantasy franchise consists of the following titles (all are video games unless otherwise noted):


Challenges, Communities, and Activities

see List of Final Fantasy Lists and Communities


Doujinshi have been a popular way for fans to show their support of a particular, relationship, or character. Most doujinshi are produced in Japan and purchased through conventions, online stores, or private sellers on eBay or LiveJournal. A List of Final Fantasy Doujinshi is currently being compiled.


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