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Escapade 2007

Escapade 17


Con Reports and Panel Notes

Vid Show Playlist

First Half  
SnowDeejay & KillaMiracles
Chasing CarsLaura McEwanStarsky & Hutch
You're So Damn HotMelinaTorchwood/Doctor Who
Change (in the house of flies)obsessive24Smallville
God Says Nothing BackMorgan DawnSupernatural
Cosy PrisonsP.R. ZedThe Professionals
Rock StarSianTorchwood
AmsterdamSEStargate SG-1
Words Fail YougwynethBig Eden
MainstreamCharmaBattlestar Galactica
Turn you inside outSisabetSupernatural
KryptoniteGianduja KissStarsky & Hutch
Second Half
By Any Other NameSmutcutterPhantom Menace
Invisible HandsMillySupernatural
They Can't Take That
Away From MeDualbunnyAngel
The Lonely PeopleLaura ShapiroDoctor Who
Killing in the NameGianduja KissLa Femme Nikita
Television, TelevisionP.R. ZedLife on Mars
Set the Fire to the Third BarSETorchwood
Pilgrim SoulM'lyn and gwynethThe 13th Warrior
See That My Grave Is
Kept CleanKillaSupernatural
The JourneyGayle F. & Morgan DawnLOTR

Vid Show Reviews

These are my Escapade vid show review notes, dictated last week using voice recognition software. The notes are very sketchy. Names and song titles are probably rife with errors. Remember, I am only reporting on what I think I heard (on a Sunday, at the end of a long convention. I do not necessarily agree with all of the points below.

Escapade 2007 Vid review:

1. Video show theme? Loneliness and alienation. Some of these themes are inherent within the TV shows (La Femme Nikita), some go against the show’s grain (Starsky & and Hutch).

Eleanor Rigby/Dr. Who video = bipolar video for a bipolar universe. The concept of alienation worked perfectly with this specific song choice “All the lonely people/Where where do they all come from?”

Only one video offered a happy ending = Big Eden movie video by gwyneth. There was enough connection between the lyrics and the action in the vid to follow and understand the movie plot. One person commented that she loved the less explicit fade up to the stars after the two male characters kiss. It felt very romantic and in keeping with the overall tone of the video.

Most vids were made for fans familiar with the source (as opposed to recruiter vids that required no exposure to the TV shows). One example of the video that did not require any knowledge of the source was melina123’s “You're so damned hot" (Torchwood/Dr Who)

Many videos needed the big screen to be effective - Change/Smallville for example needed the big screen to fully appreciate. In contrast, two people commented that sisabet’s “Turn you inside out” Supernatural video (a video that they both adored) did not seem to work as well on the big-screen. “Turn The Fire Up To The Third Bar” (Torchwood/sol se) had problems since its source was fuzzy and it did not play well on the big screen. However, that was somewhat mitigated by the vidder's use of soft focus and blurring effects (which -in some people’s opinions -- helped illustrate Ianto’s isolation and disconnectedness).

2. Second video show theme? Retro-classic editing style versus modern.

Big Eden (movie), Chasing Cars/Kryptonite (Starsky and Hutch), and Pilgrim Soul (movie, 13th warrior) all had both classical structure as well as classical feel (longer clips, more emphasis on facial expressions, and a sometimes exaggerated emphasis on emotional connections). Some commented that this style created a sense of nostalgia in them.

Examples of more modern videos = Eleanor Rigby (Dr. Who) and Change (Smallville). Not only faster edits, but also a more complicated narrative structure and strong use of color. For some people coming unfamiliar/cold into a fandom, the old/retro style was more appealing. However, consensus was that a video show needs to offer more than just “recruiter” videos and many enjoyed the more source dependent videos as challenging/satisfying.

3. Comedy? There was some disagreement as to whether “He’s So Damn Hot" (Torchwood) was a comedy vid. Some people believed that because the main character (Ianto) was on the “outside looking in" with unrequited lusting after Captain Jack, that this was not a comedy video. More consensus = Dualbunny's Spike//Angel video “They can't take that away from me” = comedy vid. One person noted that the video worked comedically perfectly upon first viewing, but the punchline lessened upon repeated viewing. Another person pointed out that this is typical of most comedy videos.

4. Song choice

Miracles video = song choice worked well to establish the hip longing tone for the show. Excellent recruiter vid.

Supernatural videos = God Says/Turn You Inside Out/Invisible Hands/See That My Grave = all of these videos had excellent musical choice. One person noted that interestingly none of the videos featured music that was similar to the music played on the show/music that is integral to the show’s plots (aka the songs were very different from the TV show's musical palette). However, the musical choices fit both the darkness and intensity of the characters. Someone else commented about the overuse of one image “the burning woman on the ceiling". This image needs to be more cautiously selected and even more carefully placed to match emotional intensity of both music and lyrics.

And then I started to drift… [9]



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