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Escapade 2004

Escapade 14


  • tzikeh's panel notes for the "Creating Mood" vidding panel can be found in pdf form here.

Vid Show Playlsit

WhateverAngelLuminosity & Sisabet
I Love EverybodyStargateBarkley
It’s Probably MeLA ConfidentialJill & Kathy
Roll to MeThe OCMamoru
Come TogetherFarscapeLaura Shapiro
One of God’s Better PeopleLotRP.R. Zed
Invisible SunFight ClubCarol S.
5 1/2 Minue HallwayHHJanis C.
Until It SleepsProsP.R. Zed
I Am By Your SideLotRKronette
All Souls’ NightGladiatorDestina
Too BadKeen EddieGwyneth
Without You I’m NothingSmallvilleSisabet
We’ll Meet AgainStargateCarol S
I’ve Had It AllHighlanderMelina
What Really Happened/You give love a bad nameOnce Upon A Time In MexicoSmutcutter
What Have I DoneHHAllaire and Mamoru
FragileWest WingXanthe
DuendeMaster and CommanderShalott
Flying HomeDue SouthMorgan Dawn
No More Sad SongsStargateDestina
Little BrotherQaF UKKilla
WipeoutFarscape/Stargate SG-1Rache, Sandy Herrold, and Vivian

Vid Show Reviews

More vid reviews and commentary have been collected here.

Morgan Dawn also posted the following vid review to the Vidder mailing list in 2004 and it is posted here with permission:
"As a fan of vids and vid maker this was my favorite part of the con. This year the show started on time (or close as to make no difference) and the technical aspects went well. Big thanks to Katherine Scarritt, gwyn_r, feochadn, astolat, melina and lapillus. What can I say, I loved the vids. Even for shows or movies I had not seen, most of the videos pulled me in with their storytelling (for a different perspective of the vid show go to kassrachel's con report)[14] I won't have a chance to talk about many of the vids, but here is a random sample of vids that stood out.

"Whatever" by sockkpuppett & sisabet. Fandom: Angel. Mood: fucking hilarious. No seriously, she selected visually comic images, paired them up with a comic song, and kept it crisp and funny.

"Come Together" by laurashapiro. Fandom: Farscape. When Laura told me she was making a Crichton /Scorpius vid I thought: okaaay, yeah, whatever uuum, rocks your boat. Cause the idea of actually "slashing" the two is - well yech. And then Laura's vid opened up Crichton's mind and gave us what is really must feel like to have your worst enemy living inside your ahead and pursuing you across the galaxy: painful, twisted, and disturbingly intimate. I'll say a lot later about editing choices (like when I have the vid in front of me). But I came away with a very claustrophobic and helpless feeling.

"One of God's Better People" by przed. Fandom: LOTR. Przed and I chatted about this vid before we got to Escapade. To quote Melina, when I think of LOTR I think epic music. And modern music has to work hard to create that epic feeling in me. So that made it almost impossible for me to overcome the song choice. But I found myself moved at the second half of the vid, when the focus narrows to the Faramir and Boromir relationship - always looking at the other brother, wondering why you feel inadequate. This made the POV shift at the very end very poignant.

"Freakout" by Rob1. Fandom: Smallville. Disco music worked well with the wacky special effects. The vidder took the "freakiness" of Smallville along with their cheesy effect and turned the show into one sequined disco ball. I think that the vid would have been stronger with a few less special effects (they sometimes worked against the shows own internal effects).

"Without You I'm Nothing" by sisabet. Fandom: Smallville. Another vid I had seen online before the con, but really worked well on the bigger screen. Sisabet also uses special effects but these seemed to support the relentlessly building story that without Clark, Lex is doomed to become his father. The repeated images of his father hugging him, then abusing him, seeing Lex turn that rage outward, made the final shots of Lex embracing Clark, while cutting back to the "blood rain" images of future destruction , so much more painful. Lex's future seemed inevitable. Does Lex still have the ability to overcome his past or has too much happened for him to turn back? This is what the vid seemed to be asking.

"Too Bad" by gwyn_r. Fandom: Keen Eddie. I had the chance to see this vid before the con. I was bopping along thinking, OK this is funny and light and sweet and - oops, what the hell am I doing. I am laughing? How did that happen? I had only seen a few episodes of Keen Eddie, but I think gwyn made a very accessible and affectionate vid.

"It's Probably Me" by klia and thevetia. Fandom: LA Confidential. I had heard good things about the vid before the show. The song is to me the ultimate buddy song. It had a tricky pov (the song starts off with the singer saying: "You" [equals] the viewer thinks the POV is the character being shown (Exley) until after the first stanza the lyrics pull back . When you hear the "I" [equals] you realize it is the other character (Bud) singing about his relationship with Exley. They edited this well and kept the POV firm thereafter. The video was very stylish. Like several people, I had a hard time with the opening shots - they were simulated "flash bulbs" going into in a very tight series of edits, slowly interspersing with more visible clips. Dorinda raised an excellent point about this effect during the vid review panel: not all effects or vids are meant to be "enjoyable." Sometimes you are meant to be disturbed and put off. (see Laura's Farscape vid).

"We'll Meet Again" by lapillus. Fandom: Stargate. I told lapillus before the con that the vid was too long and that the punchline came too late. In the context of the heightened hyper-awareness of the vid show, it felt less long (but still I wanted the punch line earlier). But when it came, the final clip was hilarious. To me, this vid is Teal'cs late night movie nightmare. Perhaps this will be last time he stays up late at Stargate Command, watching those 50s horror movies. (This vid was also one my partner's favorites - both for the selection of exaggerated facial expressions and the grainy movie effect).

"Prophecy" by sockkpuppett. Fandom: Angel. Most of Lum's work requires that you let go of your intellect and absorb the movement and colors and meanings. This vid required a good knowledge of the show - and having that knowledge make this, for me, the perfect Angel video (thematically). I had seen the vid several times online, and had looked up the lyrics, so I was not hampered by the lack of understanding. What worked for me: the pacing of the vid and the repeating/juxtaposing images. The lines "Look into the sun and see your soul is dying/ Used to feel the faith, but now you're tired of trying/ Should have left alone what you have stolen from everyone": we see Angel literally rejoicing in the fact that he can stand in the sun at Wolfram & Hart. The second time, Lum focuses on Angel's first glimpse of his son. And the last repeat is when Angel realizes that his son has moved emotionally beyond his reach. Counter balance that against the dual prophecies: one that Angel dreams of: that he may one day redeem himself and become human. And the second that he fears: that he will one day kill his son.

"Wipeout" by sherrold, wickedwords, and gattagria. Fandoms: Stargate/Farscape. A scene by scene comparison between Farscape and Stargate. You want a zap effect, well we have a zap effect. You want running down a narrow triangular corridor, hey Moya can deliver that too. I never noticed how many Farscape people are stand-ins for SG1. Or is that the other way around? And who knew that Teal'c and D' Argo have the

same body language?."

Convention Reports



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