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Mailing List
Name: Zine Union
Date(s): 2001-2005?
Moderated: yes
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: website on the WayBack Machine
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The Zine Union was a Star Wars mailing list that focused on supporting fanzine writers and publishers and readers. The mailing list also maintained a resource website. It billed itself as a "resource for Star War print and e-zines."

From the FAQ:
"This is a community forum for authors, artists, poets, filkers, and editors of both print and web-based Star Wars fanzines. The listserve and website will provide a way for active fans to meet, discuss common problems, exchange tips, share anecdotes, ask questions, and network with one another.

The website is for all to use, but the listserve is an exclusive list; members must be invited or nominated in order to participate. We feel there are plenty of other forums for general Star Wars discussions, so our intention is to maintain a more productive and mature atmosphere regarding all aspects of zine production, writing, illustrating, and editing, etc. We're not above having fun--we only want to escape the age old debates of boxers vs briefs; did they or didn't they on the way to Bespin; and do you hate Callista or Mara more.

Ultimately, the goal is to promote a creative, supportive, and noncompetitive community that is united in a common cause--to get the best fanfic available out to the starving public!

Please consult the rules and guidelines we feel are necessary to preserve this special atmosphere."[1]

The website was designed and maintained by Susan Zahn. Among the site moderators were the publishers of Evil Twin Press, the publishers of Piranha Press, Kelly (Doc) Hodgson,and Kate Birkel.

One page on the website attempted to set out guidelines for fans who were considering submitting their fan fiction to be published in a fanzine:
"What do we mean by "Zine Etiquette"?' In general, this encompasses things like how to submit material, how to offer criticism, how to accept editing gracefully, how to handle rejection, and what to expect from participating in the wonderful world of fanzines. Some of these points may seem obvious or simple courtesy, but each is listed here because people have been known to neglect or abuse the point."[2]


"I just joined Zine Union and I am fascinated reading the wars between the zine editors and writers...Yikes..remind me never to start a zine. It is a good place to read some intelligent, mature discussion though (I mean aside from the occasionaly wars)...The OZ has kind of been slacking in that area lately...In 1998 or so, OZ was really good for Leia discussion, but Zine Union is definitely the best for that now."[3]


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