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Journal Community
Name: Yuletide Coal
Date(s): 12/25/2010 - 2019
Moderator: heavensqueen
Founder: heavensqueen
Type: anon meme
Fandom: Yuletide
URL: Yuletide Coal (LJ)
Yuletide Coal (DW)

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Yuletide Coal (often called just _coal) was a seasonal anon meme for Yuletide participants and their dentists. [1] Those who comment are often referred to as "Coalies". In 2019 community activity switched to coaltide, under a new mod, after heavensqueen announced that she would not hand the yuletide-coal comm over.

A Dreamwidth community was created on 23 December 2012. Its owner kindly let heavenqueen take it over in 2014; and, after a vote,[2] the community officially moved house, with the first post in the new home made on 24 September.

Some people visit Yuletide Coal because the main Yuletide community is thought to be too invested in the Cult of Nice.

YT is not perfect unicorns all the time. Expecting people to drink the kool-aid and be happy-klappy all the time is just dumb. And frustrating when you're a cynic about human nature.

Hence my participation in YTC. It's the release valve.

Yes. I like that the main Yuletide community has a cult of nice going. I think it's good that people who don't want to deal with the griping and sniping don't have to. And I also think it's good that this place exists for the rest of us. [3]

Common topics of discussion include what to do if your assignee leaves no prompt, what should & should not go into Dear Author letters, how far to compromise when matched on someone whose tastes wildly differ from yours, what phoned in means & how to avoid it, and much much more...


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