You're It

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Title: You're It
Author(s): Caroline Dare
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
External Links: pdf available here

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You're It is an Blake's 7 story by Caroline Dare.

It was published in Oblaque #3.

Series: "A Game of Tag"

Reactions and Reviews

In all four stories, the characters are playing consensual BDSM games. Although all these stories are lightly-handled fluff, it becomes clear that Avon, Blake and Vila trust and like each other enough to let their hair down in interesting and playful ways. These stories aren't about romantic love, for once, but about letting off steam with somebody you trust not to hurt you more than you want to be hurt.... Avon and Blake play slightly rough, outside. This is the one I prefer as I'm more of an Avon/Blake fan.[1]
A change of pace. After the "bastards" section, which was heavy in parts, we get to the traditional "gratuitous sex" section in the middle of an Oblaque (probably on the principle that after all that angst it's just what the reader needs). The middle part of a nice PWP series in which Avon, Blake and Vila go off on shore-leave for a few hours of al fresco s/m. I like the way she implies that there is real affection under all the rough play (they're trying to be convincingly cruel without actually hurting each other). Any slash fans who turn on to the idea of Avon getting all ruffled and dirty and being forced to beg for sexual pleasure will find this one fairly hot.[2]



WHY ARE BLAKE AND AVON DOOMED THIS WEEK? They can be together, but also with other people. It’s nice, but casual and low stakes


[screenshot of the editor's note: "Unlike our heroes, this section was not precipitous. Better late than never. And remember, these sweet little perversities require neither plot nor explanation. They're PWPs -- "Plot? What plot?"]

fuck you specifically, this editor’s note

PROSE: fine

OVERALL: It’s fine, but a bit–what’s the point/90s ‘everyone is having casual sex with everyone for no reason really, just de facto and without consequences’. The sex is all right? [3]


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