Yet to My Fancied Sight

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Title: Yet to My Fancied Sight
Author(s): Nancy Brown
Genre: gen
Fandom: Farscape
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Yet to My Fancied Sight is a Farscape story by Nancy Brown.

Reactions and Reviews

As I've been cruising around the net for FS fanfiction, one of the things that's really struck me is how much of it seems to be almost totally dominated by a focus on the John/Aeryn relationship. Now, this is perfectly understandable, because John and Aeryn are both great characters, and their relationship is, indeed, extremely complex and interesting. But after having seen one too many stories in whose authors seem to think that J/A is the be-all-end-all of _Farscape_, and that everybody and everything else in the FS universe exists only in relation to it, I do find myself with an urge to shout, "Hey! There are other characters on this show, you know! There are other relationships! There are even other *romantic* relationships!" To me, one of the most interesting of those other relationships is the one between Zhaan and Stark. (I think a large part of that has to do with the fact that it develops almost entirely off-screen, and my imagination always has loved a challenge.) But I was beginning to think that nobody else felt the same way until I found this story, which describes how these two characters got together in such a perfect, utterly believable way that I found myself instantly convinced that, yes, this is *exactly* how it happened. The writing is well-crafted and moving, and the characterization is both accurate and deep. Particularly impressive is the way it so convincingly portrays just what it's like inside Stark's highly complex and badly damaged mind. Yeah, OK, I'm doubtless biased because I'm a big Stark fan (I think there are about six of us :)), but IMHO this is easily one of the best fanfic stories I've read lately. WARNING!: I tend to think of this one as sitting on the adult/gen borderline, but it quite likely does fall on the adult side of the line instead. There is sex in it; it's not very explicitly described, and it's not the main focus of the story, but it's there, so exercise your judgment. Also contains spoilers through the 3rd season's "Relativity." [1]


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