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Name: Yellow, イエロー
Creator: Makoto Tateno (art and text)
Date(s): October 4, 2001 – 2004
Medium: Manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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Yellow is a four-volume yaoi manga by Makoto Tateno. The title is a reference to the colors of the traffic sign, representing both the relationship between them and their job because yellow means attention, a warning of risk.

The manga itself is a blend of adventure, romance, and high tension, and the story follows a two elite drug "snatchers" (couriers, police informants, who help find and apprehend illegal drug suppliers).

Popular by does not involve a seme-uke relationship -- that is commonly present in and/or attributed to the genre of yaoi. Instead, both males are represented as equals in terms of power and physical appearance.


Gou and Taki are a pair of "drug snatchers", often employed by an unknown third party to take drugs and many other things from the mafia, and sometimes private vendors. Gou is gay while Taki is straight, yet they form a solid partnership to carry out their dangerous work. Yet Gou makes no secret of his undying affections for Taki, no matter how Taki resists them, Gou never gives up. With this determination, will Taki forever be able to refuse Gou's feelings? or will he be forced to man up to something larger than himself?

Main Characters

  • Taki, is a skilled in mechanics, 22 years old. Lives with Gou and is a drug snatcher. Straight, he works alongside with Gou on missions. He frequently points his gun or uses any other weapon when Gou tries to get close to him. Orphan Taki was adopted by 2 guys whose professions were assassins.
  • Gou, is an expert in lock picking. 22 years old, Gou as a drug snatcher. Is a positive person and forward-looking. His identity is a secret- except that he's a gay and has an interest in Taki, the guy he stays with and his partner in his job.
  • Kanji, is a 16 year old who works at the bar Manuella who hires Gou and Taki to find drugs being sold to customers at the bar.


Yellow has a small English speaking fandom, fannishly shipping the Taki/Goh pairing, though two fanworks (Intoxication and Sober) are Kanji/Kei.


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