Yané of Naboo

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Name: Yané of Naboo
Alias(es): Sergé
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars
Communities: Royal Handmaiden Society
URL: http://elusiveyane.tripod.com/
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Yané of Naboo was a member of the Star Wars fan society the Royal Handmaiden Society, and an author of Star Wars fanfic.

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Late in August '99 I decided to delurk and register at the JediCouncil at TF.N. I needed a username. I noticed a few posters had handmaiden inspired names ... but no Yané's were in sight. Huzzah! I'd found my username. Yané was already used (later on, I found out that none other than QGP* had registered the name!) so after much cursing, I tacked on "of Naboo" and ... Yané of Naboo was born!
So initially, my choice of username was rather random. I wasn't a handmaiden admirer at the time, I just needed a username and that's what I ended up with. Pretty soon, however, I began to wonder about this Yané person. So, desirous of some information, I began to post at RO*'s "what handmadien name do you like best" thread. That would be the thread that spawned the RHS.
"why?...," the *elusive* yané


  • Naboo Rites of Spring (2002).[1]


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