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Recommendation Website
Name: The Xippy Awards
Reccer(s): MaryD
Dates: 1999-2003
Focus: alt, gen, and uber fanfic
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: The Xippy Awards
Xippy Award, art by Lucia Nobrega (1999)

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The Xippy Awards are MaryD's XWP fanfic recommendations and at the same time an award for the recommended authors. As the maintainer of the invitation-only archive The Bard's Corner, which hosts what is generally considered the best (subtext friendly) Xena fanfic in the Xenaverse, her opinion carried a lot of weight. The stories she awarded were all alt, gen, or uber fanfiction with a strong OTP focus and followed in the tradition of the Lunacy Factor.

In MaryD's own words:

There is alot of fanfic deserving of praise on The Bard's Corner and elsewhere in the Xenaverse so I thought I would give something back to these talented bards. The awards will be given whenever I find a gem to read. All stories will be considered whether they are on the site or elsewhere. If they appear on TBC I will link to them and also to other sites.[1]

The first Xippy awards are from September 1999 and the last story that got a Xippy was recommended in August 2003. The recipients of a Xippy award got a logo to place on their story. The logo was created by Lucia Nobrega and shows Little Gabrielle writing on a scroll. Little Gabrielle is a chibi cartoon version of Gabrielle and part of Lucia's Little Xena and Gabrielle comic strip series.

Examples of stories that got a Xippy award (and have their own page on Fanlore) include: Gun Shy, Lucifer Rising, Retribution.


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